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5th/6th Titans - Plans for this week

By Coaches Esper, Becker, Nickerson, 08/27/22, 5:30PM EDT


5th/6th Titan Parents - 

  • Each player must have a mouthguard and it must be attached to their facemask. A few players have forgotten mouthguards on certain days. Now that we are padded, they won’t be able to participate if they do not have their mouthguard (hence, attaching it to the helmet).

  • Offensive X, Y, Z and H’s need to study their formations (attached again).

  • We also attached some of the plays on offense players can study. We may send home a hard copy of these at the end of this week as players will have a long gap without practice from This Tuesday until next Tuesday due to the Labor Day weekend.

  • We expect game schedules to be out this weekend and we’ll share them ASAP. 

  • Please have your player try on all of their equipment and pads and run around prior to Sunday’s practice so they can tighten up anything that is loose before we start.

  • Quarterbacks and Centers should get to practice 10 minutes early everyday and practicing snapping the football.

  • Coaches will identify 1-2 kids on each of the teams that can kick field goals for the first game. Those players should come early or stay late and practice their kicks. Other kids that want to kick should find time to practice it at home and let their coach know when they think they can make 8 out of 10 kicks.

  • As we are now getting into contact, SAFETY is paramount. It’s a good time for parents to read these expectations to their players again:


Please talk to your player (reminders from the league e-mail): Some of our players have never played a team sport, many have never played a contact sport. It’s very important that every parent tells their child these items below before your first practice. These are to ensure SAFETY of all players. Coaches have the discretion to send a player home who is not being SAFE (if this happens, the player loses required practice time).

  • Anytime a coach is talking to the team or an individual player,  stop what you are doing, look at the coach and listen. Do not talk to or touch teammates when coaches are giving you directions. Do not talk when coaches are talking, raise your hand if you have a question.

  • Never tackle, push or touch teammates outside of times coaches specifically tell you to during drills and practice. Injuries are far more likely to occur when kids are horseplaying than during structured contact drills. This is especially important when players are waiting for practice to start each day.

  • Always stop when you hear the whistle

  • Always, always, always play with your HEAD UP, SHOULDERS BACK, and HIPS LOW

  • If you feel any of the signs of a concussion that were outlined in the Concussion Acknowledgement, speak up and tell your parents and coach. It’s better to be safe than sorry.\


Schedule for the week:

Sunday (8/28) - 5-7pm Practice (HS - Field 1)

Monday - 5-7pm Practice (HS - Field 1)

Tuesday - 5-7pm Practice (HS - Field 3)