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TCYFA Equipment Return Reminders - VERY IMPORTANT

By TCYFA 10/23/2022, 8:30pm EDT

Thanks for a great season!

To ensure future TC kids can play and have great seasons, we need 100% of your equipment returned to your COACH in a clean and usable manner quickly after the season. Invoices will be sent to families by  November 14th for any items that have not been returned so everything is rectified before we send equipment off for reconditioning and order new items this fall (we have to order in the fall or we can’t guarantee getting items by next season).  Please do not return equipment directly to any YMCA location; it will not get checked back in in your name.

Items players keep:

  • Team socks, mouthguard, chin strap if they bought their own, back plate from shoulder pads if they bought their own.


*Your coach should let you know what day/time/location to meet at for equipment return if they have not already.

TCYFA League Update

By TCYFA 10/11/2022, 8:30pm EDT

October 15th Games - Pink Week

October 15th Game Schedule

This Saturday's games are considered our cancer awareness games. Players will get a PINK helmet sticker and are encouraged to wear any other pink gear they may have!


October 22nd - Final "Jamboree" Games

The October 22nd schedule is now posted

End of Season and Equipment Turn In

Stay tuned for equipment turn in details from your coaches. We need 100% of players to clean and return their equipment in the week following the season. Families will be invoiced for any equipment not checked back in (reminder that each player currently has over $400 of gear and jerseys). Thanks for your help with this!

Fundraiser - THANK YOU

THANK YOU to the families that donated and helped with sponsorships. Checks are still rolling in, but we have netted more than $22,000 to sustain youth football in Traverse City! This exceeds the amount we were able to fundraise in 2021!

Games 5 & 6 Posted

By TCYFA 09/30/2022, 3:45pm EDT

Opponents, times and locations for Games 5 and 6 are now posted on the Sports Engine schedules. Our final game (Oct. 22nd) will be posted soon once the scheduler confirms which towns will be participating this year (all TCYFA teams are playing Oct. 22nd).

Thank you!