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As always, your 2018 TCYFA Board of Directors is committed to making your player's Pop Warner football experience a great one! 2018 TCYFA football is designed to develop leadership, teamwork, patience, self-respect and respect for others in our youth. In our program, winning is not the objective. We applaud the efforts of the team and reinforce the importance of teamwork to our players.

Please feel free to look through our website to learn more about age and weight limits, safety precautions, academic requirements, costs, schedules and more.  Please pay special attention to the important upcoming dates:

2018 Registration Is Now Closed



We are excited to have begun the planning of  the 2018 registration process. Please refer to our web-site for details about the upcoming season.

Registration Information:
The majority of players should be able to register on-line. If you are unable to register via credit card on-line, please contact Chris Wittke at 231-392-9646.  Mail-in registrations will not be accepted for the 2018 season.

Please note, a small convenience fee will be assessed for each player registered on-line in order to cover the cost of this service.  Traverse City Youth Football Association does not turn any player away who may be encountering times of financial hardship.  If you need financial assistance, contact Chris Wittke at 231-392-9646

IMPORTANT: Please read each page carefully and follow all prompts given. At the completion of registration you will be emailed a receipt. Please be sure your email is entered correctly.

It is Traverse City Youth Football Association’s policy; players will be placed on teams based on their age as of July 31st, 2018 and their weight.

If a returning player is not “playing up”, based on age or weight, all attempts will be made to place them on the same team as last year. New players will be assigned teams based on location and attending school. Specific team requests cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you for using our on-line registration!