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Recent Titans GOLD PW News


By TCYFA 10/03/2021, 1:00pm EDT


TCYFA Families - 
Great work on the fundraiser & sponsorships! We should have earned enough to update our game jerseys and address our regular helmet and shoulder pad rotations. Please help us wrap up the delivery and $ collection portion of the fundraiser on time so the league can get the funds and apply them to these things for our kids:


Oct. 7th - Each team will have a coach or parent volunteer pick up all fundraiser items for your team at the YMCA South.  The pick up person should take items to practice (hopefully the same day) and distribute to all players. See your coach for specific details and times on when your team will get their items. 


Oct. 12th - Players need to deliver items and collect money ASAP and return all money to the head coach (or volunteer they designate) by October 12th. Please label your envelope properly.

Thanks to everyone that participated!

Sept 17th Updates for Titans Gold PW

By Esper 09/17/2021, 9:00am EDT

Titans Gold Parents –
Sorry for not getting the communication out earlier this week.

We still need some parent volunteers! Please sign up/type your name in here where you can see what holes are still open.
Parents are also welcome to organize drinks/pre-packaged stuff for kids after games, but right now we really need help with a parent filming so coaches don’t have to do it from the field.

Here are the important details as we get ready for Saturday’s game:
We play against Glen Lake, but the game is AT BENZIE HS/MS on Homestead Rd. The game field is just to the left (west) of the school. Kick off will be by 10:30, we will meet to warm up at 9:45… there are fields to the left (west) of the game field we will meet on to warm up. Please remember to bring cash for gate admission (this will be the case every week).

Please make sure your player leaves the house with:
White game Jersey
Black football pants
Gold Socks
Waterbottle (put your name on it)

Other game notes:
-    The league has asked for no post game handshakes going forward (COVID?), so teams will wave after the game
-    Remind your son not to share waterbottles with other players on the sidelines
-    Remind your son to ‘listen’ on the sideline and to be ready… coaches said we had multiple times they called for players to go in the game last week, but they never came (either weren’t listening or didn’t want to go in). We are going to run the “A” and “B” groups we used in practice this week, so kids should be familiar with how/when they get on the field but they need to be ready for adjustments.
-    These kids have gotten SO much better in practice this week; now we really hope they carry it over to the game situations. Please remind them that games are just like practice and to go fast and have fun with it (we definitely had a lot of nervous guys in their first game last week). We are almost 100% on ALIGNMENT on offense and defense (players knowing where to line up / start). We aren’t there on ASSIGNMENT yet with everyone (their job after the snap), but please remind your child on the way to the game if they aren’t sure during a play, just to the following: On OFFENSE – BLOCK someone. It may not be the ‘right’ guy, but if they block someone it always helps the TEAM.  On DEFENSE – TACKLE… just tackle the guy with the ball… it’s everyone’s job! BLOCK & TACKLE… that’s it!

Pictures – you can still order team and individual pictures if you missed it earlier. Just go to Scarlett’s page here and click ‘buy’ on the pictures you want -

I have not received confirmation from Threads on delivery of our team gear (still having supplier issues).

Go Titans!


Saturday Game Details

By Joe Esper 09/09/2021, 9:15pm EDT

Parents, we're excited for these guys to play a game Saturday!
Please arrive before 11:15am so they are ready to warm up at 11:15 behind the ball fields (see picture). Please make sure your player leaves the house with:

  • Helmet/chinstrap
  • Mouthguard
  • Shoulderpads
  • White game Jersey
  • Black football pants
  • Gold Socks
  • Cleats
  • Waterbottle

To get lined up on the field quickly, we've assigned some kids to a "First Offense" and a "First Defense" for Saturday. If a player is not on one of these groups, they still play, they just rotate in one at a time from the side lines. If you see your son's name below, please remind them 7 times between now and Saturday that they are on "First Offense" or "First Defense" and should run out when coaches call that group. 


Easton Willour 40
Caleb Kalczynski 90
Brady Cavanaugh 88
Cameron Swartz 68
Austin Russell 8
Landon Nickerson 84
Oliver Jongekrijg 32
Brayden Jones 20
Ty Fleming 2
Karson Becker 56
Bryce Parker 12



Kaden Pohlad 34
Lenox Hastings 70
Owen Chapman 48
Brady Cavanaugh 88
Draven Dunklow 44
Trevor Intrieri 38
Jim Jaquish 98
Karson Becker 56
Luke Esper 24
Samuel Chinlund 64
Mason Castle 10